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ACID cigars are a testament to not accepting the "way it is" while not ignoring the traditions of those who have gone before. Infused with herbs and oils according to top-secret recipes, these "aromatic" Nicaraguan cigars represent a blending of ancient and old world tobacco knowledge with a bit of daring to be different. Every single cigar in the ACID family is a unique smoking experience.

ACID Remi (Blue Line)

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The ACID Remi line holds within it the cigars most widely desired by ACID aficionados. Names like Kuba, Kuba, Blondie, 1400CC and Wafe are all mainstays with their mellow rich flavors, sweet tastes and captivating aromas. Ringed in metallic blue, this line is the careful combination of the finest mild cigar tobaccos deliciously infused with all natural herbs, essential oils and an extra touch of floral botanicals.
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Drew Estate Acid 1400 CC Drew Estate Acid 1400 CC
Robusto -
50 Ring 5"
Each Cigar $12.25 sub5056_32932
Box of 18 $220.50 sub5056_32933

Drew Estate Acid Blondie Drew Estate Acid Blondie
Short Panatela -
38 Ring 4"
Each Cigar $6.25 sub5058_33217
Box of 40 $225.00 sub5058_33218

Drew Estate Acid Kuba Kuba Drew Estate Acid Kuba Kuba
Robusto -
54 Ring 5"
Each Cigar $10.40 sub5057_32934
Box of 24 $249.60 sub5057_32935

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