Davidoff Mille Series

Davidoff Mille Cigars

Built on the persistance and vision of Zino Davidoff, this celebrated brand was first created in Cuba in 1946. When Davidoff decided his firm had to leave Cuba, he and Ernst Schneider looked to Hendrik Kelner, Master Blender, to meet their demands for taste and quality. Better made, with higher standards than the competition, Davidoff cigars are a milder, consistent cigar with beautiful wrappers. Kelner grows his tobacco from six different types of soil in the Yaque valley, and directly supervises the curing, fermentation, aging, making, and maturing processes. Diana has personally toured the Davidoff plantations, and can confirm that Kelner (whom she affectionately refers to as "Henki") knows as much about tobacco as anyone in the world and, in some instances, maybe more.

Davidoff Mille Series

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The Mille Series is distinguished by its exquisitely balanced taste, milder in flavor than the fuller-bodied Davidoff Grand Cru Series, yet more pronounced than the subtle Classic Series.
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Davidoff 1000 Davidoff 1000
Short Panatela -
34 Ring 4 5/8"
Each Cigar $11.20 sub4171_32012
Box of 5 $56.00 sub4171_32013
Box of 25 $266.00 sub4171_32014

Davidoff 2000 Davidoff 2000
Petit Corona -
43 Ring 5"
Each Cigar $13.80 sub4172_32015
Box of 5 $69.00 sub4172_32016
Box of 25 $327.75 sub4172_32017

Davidoff 6000 Davidoff 6000
Robusto -
50 Ring 4 7/8"
Each Cigar $18.60 sub5897_32018
Box of 25 $441.75 sub5897_32019

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