Ashton Classic Cigars

Ashton Classic Cigars

In 1985, Philadelphia tobacconist Robert Levin set out to create a great cigar. In collaboration with the world-renowned Fuente Family, Ashton cigars have become one of the most respected premium cigars around. Each Ashton cigar travels through an endless array of quality control inspections at the Fuente factory. Once produced, the Ashton Classic, the Ashton Aged Maduro, the Ashton Vintage Cabinet Selection and the Ashton VSG combine to offer the cigar connoisseur a remarkable diversity, consistency and quality in a premium cigar.

Ashton Classic Series

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The Ashton Classic has a mild to medium body with nuances of peppery spice. The blend of 3 to 4 year old Dominican tobacco, along with its rich golden Connecticut shade wrapper creates an extremely well blended rich taste. The draw of this cigar from beginning to end is never disappointing. For a little extra kick, try the Majesty size, which is still mild-to-medium but contains some "VSG" filler.
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Ashton 8-9-8 Ashton 8-9-8
Corona Extra -
44 Ring 6 1/2"
Each Cigar $10.55 sub4894_32355
Box of 25 $237.38 sub4894_32356

Ashton Churchill Ashton Churchill
Double Corona -
52 Ring 7 1/2"
Each Cigar $12.10 sub4037_32349
Box of 25 $272.25 sub4037_32350

Ashton Corona Ashton Corona
Corona -
44 Ring 5 1/2"
Each Cigar $9.70 sub4039_32351
Box of 25 $218.25 sub4039_32352

Ashton Double Magnum Ashton Double Magnum
Toro -
50 Ring 6"
Each Cigar $12.85 sub5589_32345
Box of 25 $289.13 sub5589_32346

Ashton Magnum Ashton Magnum
Robusto -
50 Ring 5"
Each Cigar $9.80 sub4040_32353
Box of 25 $220.50 sub4040_32354

Ashton Majesty Ashton Majesty
Grand Corona -
56 Ring 6"
Each Cigar $12.90 sub6038_32359
Box of 25 $290.25 sub6038_32360

Ashton Prime Minister Ashton Prime Minister
Churchill -
48 Ring 6 7/8"
Each Cigar $11.60 sub4041_32343
Box of 25 $261.00 sub4041_32344

Ashton Sovereign Ashton Sovereign
Torpedo -
55 Ring 6 3/4"
Each Cigar $13.25 sub5590_32357
Box of 25 $298.13 sub5590_32358

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