Tatuaje Limited Edition

Tatuaje Limited Edition Cigars

Pete Johnson, founder of Tatuaje Cigars, brought his company from the ground up to become one of the most successful boutique cigars around. After working at Gus’ Cigar Shop in Los Angeles for a few months in 1992, he bought the store and remained there until 1995.

Limited Editions

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Our 2020 Mardi Gras L'At Tat Fat Tuesday exclusive cigar from Pete Johnson and Tatuaje.
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Torpedo -
52 Ring 6 1/8"
Each Cigar $10.50 sub6513_32453
Box of 20 $210.00 sub6513_32454

Tatuaje TAA 2016 Tatuaje TAA 2016
Toro -
50 Ring 6 1/4"
Each Cigar $12.00 sub6477_32334
Box of 20 $216.00 sub6477_32335

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